Diesel engine emissions off road. Case Volskwagen ADG 1.9 L SDI

José Ramón Soca-Cabrera


Exhaust gas emissions tests of internal combustion engines and the permissible limit values for each component are standardized. This work shows the results of the tests carried out on the Volkswagen 1.9 SDI engine in the Armfield CM12 stationary test bench and the Launch X-431 pro scanner performed in the diesel engine laboratory of the Department of Agricultural Mechanical Engineering (DIMA) of Chapingo Autonomous University (UACh). The methodology of SAE J1995 and ISO 8178 Standards were used to obtain the values of HC, NOx, CO, CO2 and O2. In addition, the variation of lambda λ index was obtained. The characteristics of each component were constructed based on the load (power) and the lambda index. The concentrations were 30.25 g kW-1h-1 for HC + NOx and 0.47 g kW-1h-1 for CO which is below the established limits.


engine tests; exhaust emissions


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