Modelling of the air current in the vertical plane of Hatsuta agricultural sprayer

Mario Ignacio Herrera-Prat, Armando Eloy García de la Figal-Costales, Héctor de las Cuevas-Milán, Mauri Martins-TeixeiraIII


The proper use of the air stream in agricultural sprays is a constant concern of the farmer and the professionals of the Agricultural Engineering. The drift produced by this equipment affects human health and the environment by pollution, in addition to the economic damages they represent to the farmer. In the work, the airflow in the vertical plane of the Hatsuta-420, spray studied using the modelling by means of the computerized fluid design technique. In the modelling, the FLUENT fluid package of ANSYS 16.0 software used. The results of the modeling are analyzed and compared with experimental measurements of the air velocity made to this sprayer in the plane under study. It is concluded that with the modeling of air flow in CFD, the airflow studies in the vertical plane of agricultural sprayers with the 0.97 to 0.99 accuracy can be predicted.


flow; fluid dynamics; sprayers


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