Effect of UV-C Radiation at Low Temperatures on Postharvest Life of Fragaria vesca

Tania María Guzmán-Armenteros, Yandi Fernández-Ochoa


The effect of UV-C radiation on strawberry postharvest life was evaluated from a response surface central compound design (CCD). The postharvest life of strawberry (Fragaria vesca L) var Big Bear was modeled based on the UV-C dose (4-15 kJ/m2), time (15-30 min), and storage temperature (12-24 ℃) for a total of 19 experimental runs. The fruits were analyzed based on four key indicators of deterioration: firmness, weight, contamination, and color that defined the postharvest quality variable, expressed as the difference between controls and treatments when 10% quality losses were reached. The result of the ANOVA was a second-order mathematical model that predicts 92% of the variation of the postharvest life of Fragaria vesca with respect to the controls, from the study factors, with a coefficient of variation of 9.2%. Both coefficients indicate the validity of the model and its potential to be applied throughout the design space. It is concluded that the postharvest life of the strawberry (Fragaria vesca L) var Big Bear can be extended up to four days with doses of 15 kJ/m2 for 30 min at a temperature of 12 ℃. The model showed a zone of maximum response in the design space suggesting that a broader response could be found in design spaces that were not explored in the study.


Deterioration Indicator; Firmness; Weight; Contamination; Color; Mathematical Model

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