Efficiency Criteria to Evaluate Sprinkler Irrigation

Maiquel López-Silva


In this work, different efficiency criteria were proposed for the evaluation of sprinkler irrigation. The investigation was carried out at six central pivots of the company Cubasoy and La Cuba. The methodology used relates the climatic, hydraulic and energy variables by means of the consumption of the specific energy standardized in the irrigation, in such a way that allows characterizing the systems at project and operation level. It was determined that the specific energy to pump a cubic meter of water ranged between 0.18 kWhm-3 to 0.32 kWhm-3 and the specific energy normalized in irrigation between 17.16 to 30.53 kWhmm-1ha-1 100-1m-1 for application efficiencies of 77.30 to 82.80%. Energy efficiency actually used in irrigation reached from 8.92 to 15.80% under specific operating conditions of the system of irrigation.


indicators; water; energy; central pivot


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