Software for the Hydraulic Design of Central Pivot Irrigation Systems

Maiquel López-Silva, Dayma Carmenates-Hernández, Albi Mujica-Cervantes, Pedro Paneque-Rondon


CurvePivot 2.0 software was developed for the hydraulic design of central pivot irrigation systems for specific operating conditions. The programming language that was used was C # with a simple interface for the user. The program was based on a mathematical model that considers hydrogeological, hydraulic, edaphic, agronomic and economic variables, through which the design flow is obtained quickly and efficiently with the lowest investment and operation cost of the irrigation system. In addition, other parameters are determined like efficiency and depletion of the well, radius of influence of the well, parameters of the centrifugal pump, operating point of the system, rainfall at the end of the lateral, diameters and lengths of the pipes, working pressure, tower number and speed of the last tower. This tool has been used in several agricultural companies in the province of Ciego de Ávila, Cuba.


programming; water; energy


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