Physical-Mechanical Properties of Pigeon Beans and Pods for the Design of a Sheller Machine

Jeny Pérez-Petitón, Segress Garcia-Hevia, Geisy Hernández-Cuello, Leidy Burón-Mederos


The study of the physical-mechanical properties is important for the design and construction of equipment and structures, for the management, collection, transportation, cleaning, classification, and agro industrial processing, as well as the input data to the theoretical model that bases the parameters of design and operation of the sheller machine. The work was carried out in the Agricultural Mechanization Center of the Faculty of Technical Sciences, Agrarian University of Havana, which had as objective to determine the physical-mechanical properties of the grains and green Gandul pods of the variety Gwailor-3, for its use of parameters of design and operation of a machine for the husking of green pigeon peas. Obtaining a width of the pods that oscillates between 12.5 and 15.8 mm, while the length is between 46.8 and 78.9 mm. The average friction values of the grains on rubber, wood and steel surfaces are 43.6º; 21.07º and 20.13º respectively and for the pods angles of 34.9º; 35.38º and 25, 95º.


Cajanus cajan; friction angle


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