Use of basic and specific pre-treatments for the biogas production. Revision and analysis

Carlos M. Martínez Hernández


The present investigation is based on the importance of national and international biogas plants nowadays, which use animal manure as raw material; as well as agricultural and agribusiness residues for energy and biofertilizers production, minimizing the aspects of environmental contamination. This work is presented in three parts: firstly the technologies and methods to apply the basic and special pre-treatments to different biomasses in order to obtain their maximum potential of methane are described. Secondly, their particularities are detailed and finally, their possible utilization in the Cuban case is analyzed. As a result, it is shown the state of the art in the use of basic and special pre-treatments, to potentiate the increasing of methane production in agricultural or animal biomasses.


biogas; basic pre-treatments; special pre-treatments.


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